Repair Services & Maintenance

Our in-house workshop offers professional maintenance and, if needed, repair services for your classic car.

Buying & Selling

Cartique is a place where you will find the finest classic cars and where you can buy them as well. It also offers the right place for classic car aficionados who wish to sell their treasures discretely and at a fair price. And if you simply feel like exploring new territories, Cartique is also the right place for you. For we are ready to swap: sporty against comfortable, patinized against restored, or even the other way round. Take your time to find your very own path to your dream classic car.

Advisory & Arrangement

Key to trading top-quality classic cars is well-founded advisory services: we know the strengths and also the potential weaknesses of classic cars. And if the object of your desire is not to be found in the halls of Cartique, we are happy to help you find it.

Collection Maintenance & Wealth Management

Classic cars are an excellent investment nowadays. Before you invest in “garage gold”, however, we will give you in-depth advice – and are also glad to maintain your collection afterwards.

Storage & Logistics

You do not want to keep your precious vintage car in your own garage? No problem. We have an affiliate who will store your treasure for you, secured by an alarm system, of course. They will also take your car wherever you need it, in a closed transporter, any time, any place.