The definition of the special

The history of the car is full of unique milestones. Those milestones that shaped entire eras, legends that dominated the racetracks of the world and that represent the cutting edge of what was technically possible. And nothing has changed, all those vehicles have always possessed an almost magical presence with a hint of something special and they still do today. From the picturesque Bugatti pre-war classics, over the legendary long-distance icons like the Ferrari 512M, to current hyper sports cars. With CARTIQUE by Mechatronik we concentrate on exactly those icons, aside from Mercedes-Benz, the core brand at Mechatronik. Our affiliate “Oldtimer Land” has been looking after this market for more than ten years and the time has come for a new name: “CARTIQUE by Mechatronik”. The range of services covers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service, via specialized and professional advisory service, to procurement and sales in all areas surrounding the world’s most extraordinary automobiles. Many years of experience, high transparency and extensive customer service set us apart. Always with the aim of creating the optimal conditions for our customers to realise their life dream.